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4x4, Caravans & Marine

At Rowville Auto Electrics, we're your go-to destination for all your 4x4, caravans, and marine electrical needs. Whether you're gearing up for an off-road adventure, towing a caravan, or setting sail on the water, our team is here to ensure your vehicles and vessels are equipped with top-notch electrical accessories and systems.

4X4 and Caravan Accessory Installations

Enhance your 4x4 or caravan experience with our expert accessory installations. From lighting upgrades and winches to solar panels and dual battery systems, we have the know-how to equip your vehicle or caravan for any adventure you have in mind.

Dexter Sway Control

Safety is paramount when towing a caravan or trailer. Our Dexter Sway Control installations provide peace of mind by reducing trailer sway and enhancing stability during towing. Enjoy safer and more confident journeys on the road.

GPS and DVR Installations

Stay on track and capture your adventures with precision. We offer professional GPS and DVR installations, ensuring you have reliable navigation and the ability to record your trips for both security and memory keeping.

Marine Wiring and Accessory Installations

Set sail with confidence knowing your marine electrical systems are in top condition. Our marine wiring and accessory installations cover everything from navigation lights and fish finders to electrical repairs and maintenance, ensuring your time on the water is trouble-free.

Whether you're hitting the trails, towing a caravan, or exploring the open water, Rowville Auto Electrics is your trusted partner for all your 4x4, caravan, and marine electrical needs. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing high-quality installations and services tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your 4x4, caravan, or marine electrical needs, and let us help you make the most of your adventures, on-road or offshore.

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